Late Fall Common Terns on Cape Cod

These images are of several different individual Common Terns present on Cape Cod between mid-November and early December. They include several juvenile/first-winter birds as well as at least one adult. All images are copyright Blair Nikula

A juvenile/first-winter at Wellfleet Harbor, 20 November 2005.
COTE1wWellfleet112005b2s.jpg (56327 bytes)
COTE1wWellfleet112005b3s.jpg (44420 bytes)

Juvenile/first-winters at Wellfleet Harbor, 4 December 2004 (possibly 3 different individuals).
COTE1wWellfleet120404a1s.jpg (54187 bytes)
COTE1wWellfleet120404b1s.jpg (58968 bytes) COTE1wWellfleet120404c3s.jpg (59310 bytes)

A juvenile/first-winter at Wellfleet Harbor, 5 December 2004 (possibly one of the same birds as above).
COTE1wWellfleet120504d1s.jpg (51701 bytes)
COTE1wWellfleet120504d2s.jpg (50397 bytes)

A juvenile/first-winter at Provincetown Harbor, 19 November 2005.
COTEjuvPtown111905a1s.jpg (39158 bytes) COTEjuvPtown111905a3s.jpg (48332 bytes) COTEjuvPtown111905a5s.jpg (42530 bytes)

An adult in worn alternate plumage at Wellfleet Harbor, 4 December 2004.
COTEadWellfleet120404a2s.jpg (68070 bytes)

A basic plumaged adult or sub-adult missing 3-4(?) primaries, at Wellfleet Harbor, 4 December 2005.
COTEbasWellfleet120405a1s.jpg (66413 bytes) COTEbasWellfleet120405a4s.jpg (65144 bytes)

Blair Nikula