Pacific Loons
Provincetown, Massachusetts: 29 February 21 November 2004

The following images are of two or more Pacific Loons in Provincetown, Massachusetts present during the late winter (and perhaps earlier) through the early spring 0f 2004, and another (?) individual on 21 November 2004. Despite the frequency of reports in Massachusetts in recent years, these images represent some of the first photographic documentation for the state.

The first two series of images are of two different birds taken on 4 April 2004, and are the best quality in the series (due to the fact the birds were quite close on a glassy sea). They were digiscoped by Blair Nikula with a Nikon Coolpix 995 through a Leica Televid scope w/20-60x eyepiece.

Bird A (basic plumage):
PALOptownA0404b.jpg (68873 bytes)   PALOptownA0404a.jpg (70746 bytes)

Bird B (some alternate plumage developing, especially on the back; however, compared to the bird photographed on 14 March [below], the white speckling on the back seems less extensive, particularly rearward. So is it a different bird?):
PALOptownB0404c.jpg (67377 bytes)   PALOptownB0404d.jpg (74444 bytes)   PALOptownB0404a.jpg (75458 bytes)   PALOptownB0404p.jpg (76969 bytes)   PALOptownB0404s.jpg (72700 bytes)

The next four images were digiscoped by Jeremiah Trimble with a Nikon Coolpix 995 & Swarovski 80mm scope w/20-60X eyepiece on 14 March 2004 at Race Point in Provincetown.. The first image is of a bird in transitional plumage, while the last three are of a basic-plumaged bird. Both birds were in view at once, and may be the same birds seen on 29 February (though neither of those birds showed any trace of alternate plumage on that date). These four images are copyright 2004 by Jeremiah Trimble.
PALO0304PtownJTas.jpg (76202 bytes)  PALO0304PtownJTbs.jpg (65982 bytes)  PALO0304PtownJTcs.jpg (74228 bytes)  PALO0304PtownJTds.jpg (83494 bytes)

These last three poor quality below were digiscoped with a Nikon Coolpix 995 & Leica Televip scope from a distance of at least 100 yards (perhaps closer to 200 yards) and are heavily cropped and sharpened. This is one of two individuals that were present in the same area on this date. (I also got a couple of shots of the second bird, but those images are even worse than these!) These three images copyright 2004 Blair Nikula.

These two shots are of an adult at Race Point on 21 November 2004.  This bird still has traces of alternate plumage, especially on the back and lower neck.  These images were digiscoped by Blair Nikula with a Nikon Coolpix 995 through a Leica Televid 77 w/20-60X lens.

PALOadPtown1104a3s.jpg (83281 bytes)  PALOadPtown1104a5s.jpg (90931 bytes)