Red-necked STalts (Calidris ruficollis)
on Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 2003

South Beach, Chatham, Massachusetts - 8 July 2003

The following images were digiscoped with a Nikon Coolpix 995 camera through a Leica Televid scope w/20-60X eyepiece (at about 25X). The original images have been cropped, digitally sharpened somewhat, and the contrast increased a bit. All images copyright Blair Nikula.

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RNSTaltSBch0703c.jpg (74666 bytes)


North Monomoy Island, Chatham, Massachusetts - 14 August 2003

Digiscoping details same as above. All photos copyright 2003 Blair Nikula.

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Additional photos of presumably the same bird taken on South Beach, Chatham, Massachusetts - 18 August 2003. This bird shows some gray coloration in the middle scapulars that is not evident on the 14 August photos, apparently the result of having lost a couple of feathers, revealing the grayish bases of adjacent feathers (thanks to David Sibley for pointing this out). All images copyright 2003 Blair Nikula.

RNSTaltSBch0803023.jpg (59373 bytes)    RNSTaltSBch0803026.jpg (64320 bytes)    RNSTaltSBch0803031.jpg (69864 bytes)    RNSTaltSBch0803034.jpg (71512 bytes)    RNSTaltSBch0803027.jpg (58891 bytes)

Also an image of the Curlew Sandpiper present on South Beach the same night:

CUSAadSBch0803b.jpg (68113 bytes)