Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) 
in Sandwich, Massachusetts

This young male Rufous hummingbird visited a feeder in East Sandwich, Massachusetts from at least 14 October (possibly since 9 October when an unidentified hummingbird was seen briefly) until 3 November 2003.  These images were "digiscoped" by the homeowner, Ron Ayotte, on 14 October.

RUHUimmSandwich1003a4.jpg (63609 bytes) RUHUimmSandwich1003a2.jpg (54147 bytes) RUHUimmSandwich1003a1.jpg (52726 bytes) RUHUimmSandwich1003a3.jpg (55112 bytes)

Video tape mages taken by Peter Trimble show the tail pattern of the bird well enough to make out the emarginated second rectrix (R2) which would seem to confirm the identity of the bird as a Rufous (as opposed to Allen's). A video grab of the tail pattern:
SandwichSelasphPTrimble.jpg (45000 bytes)