An Apparent Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) 
in Dennis, Massachusetts

4 November 2006

An apparent immature male Rufous hummingbird has been visiting a feeder at the home of Sandy and Charlie McGibbon in Dennis for the past three weeks or more, though it was not recognized as a Selasphorous until 2 November. Following are some digital images taken by Sandy McGibbon through their living room window. The extensive rufous in the tail indicates the bird is either a Rufous or Allen's (S. sasin). The bird has a couple of red gorget feathers on the lower throat. The image of the spread tail (taken when the bird's bill had become stuck in a screen door!), though of poor quality, seems to show that the outer rectrix (R5) is relatively broad and rounded (similar to R4), which is at least suggestive of Rufous. All photos are copyright Sandra McGibbon.

Postscript (11/18/06): This bird was trapped and banded on 13 November by Sue Finnegan and determined to be an adult female Rufous.  It was last seen on 16 November (just prior to the passage of a cold front).

RUHUmDennis1106a1.jpg (112850 bytes) RUHUmDennis1106a2.jpg (124747 bytes) RUHUmDennis1106a3.jpg (100787 bytes) RUHUmDennis1106a4b.jpg (95999 bytes)

Blair Nikula