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Birding Cape CodBirding Cape Cod

No birder should visit Cape Cod without a copy of "Birding Cape Cod." Published jointly by the Cape Cod Bird Club and MassAudubon, this 184-page guide covers prime birding sites throughout the peninsula. It sells for $15.95 and is available at The Birdwatcher's General Store in Orleans. Plans are underway for a revised edition, possibly including a web-based version and/or an eBook.


Checklist of the Birds of Cape Cod

 Published by the Cape Cod Bird, this checklist shows 322 species that have been recorded on Cape Cod at least 10 times over the past 20 years. It sells for about $1.00 and is available from a number of local outlets. The last revision was in 2008. A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

Additions & Corrections to Birding Cape Cod

Since publication of of the most recent edition of Birding Cape Cod in 2005, not only have there changes to a number of the sites described in Birding Cape Cod, but new birding sites have been discovered as well. Some up-to-date information is available here:

 South Beach, Chatham

South Beach in Chatham has been one of the premiere birding destinations on Cape Cod, particularly during the summer and fall when thousands of shorebirds, terns, and gulls feed and roost in the area. Although the beach is covered in the "Birding Cape Cod" guide, the geomorphology of the area is extremely dynamic, with dramatic changes occurring so frequently that published information can be obsolete before it reaches print. The web, however, provides an equally dynamic means of keeping visiting birders informed of up-to-date conditions, access, and birding potential. Click here for the latest on South Beach. (NOTE: Changes to the beach during 2013 and 2014 have made access to South Beach very difficult, at best.)

 Foss Woods, Provincetown

Foss Woods is a fairly new (and newly discovered) mosaic of conservation lands and private property at the east end of Provincetown that has proven to be very productive for spring migrants. A description of the area can be found here.

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